Firenze (and Pisa.)

January 21, 2008

I spend the last four days in Italy. I caught the fly back to Porto this morning =(.
Si, it were only four days but it was fucking great anyway.
When i arrived to Florence i had no hotel to sleep but we had no difficult in find one… oh and Italian is more difficult than i thought, they speak very fast!!

Anyway let’s start with the photographs (click on the photos to enlarge):

Firenze (Florence) the other side of Arno River.

Everyone has a bicycle in Italy, or at least almost everyone. They are everywhere, never saw so many bicycles on my life. 🙂

The food is great, really great. First pizza at Firenze, in fact it was the first and only one, i prefer the pastas. =)

My sis and a coffee spoon.

Ponte vecchio! (Vecchio bridge)

Oh … zé olha o teu nome femenino ali. =P Tmb vi um rapaz chamado Fiorentino.

Morais… “sou ou nao sou? han? han?” *scusa, non ho resistito* 😛

In front of the cattedrale di santa maria del fiore.

Piazza San Giovanni

(Palazzo Vecchio) This guy gave me a moment in Firenze. =) I was taking him some photographs and in the end i went to give him some money, when i was leaving he call me with a hand gest, i came closer and he grabbed my hand and put me on his left side, he became a statue again but this time grabbing my hand like a Principe.

Everybody was taking photographs of us, less my sister (she was laughing in the middle of the crowed). So i have no photos from that moment. Bah


Street market. There were also black guys selling on the streets but every time the police was coming they grab their things and started running along the streets and screaming “Polizie polizieee”

Hi stranger!! (he’s cute…)

Hi me! 😛


Garden (Piazza della indipendenza)

Piazza Pitti

Street artists.

Somewhere in Firenze (Florence)

Train! *Cliché* 😛


At a church’s door in Pisa.



Torre pendente for the Italians. (Torre Pisa; Pisa tower)

Via di Roma..

” Si prega di non sedere qui. Grazie ”

Last night in Italy!

And that’s all for now. Ciao*


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