Under cold blue Stars

November 13, 2007

Some time passed since my last blog entry i know…

Finally, after some long long time, I spend half of my weekend developing rolls and when I say long long time I mean years!!

 sold me his developing stuffs since his moving to Italy on Frinday :x.

Oh well it’s time for an interesting and exciting blog entry (or not :P). Click on the photos to enlargee!!

photo13_13.jpg                                                                                                               Joana. Trying to ignore my camera.

photo23_23.jpg                                                                                                                                               Dré. Maxa’s boyfriend…

photo22_22.jpg                                                                                                            Maxa. Don’t remenber what she was looking at… probably Dré! 😛

photo36_36.jpg                                                                                                                         Joana. Very very happy.

photo25_25.jpg                                                                                                           Monica. Always worried with something… Her biology test this time. (Glad I’ve psychology instead biology).

photo20_20.jpg                                                                                                               Joana.

photo34_34.jpg                                                                                                               Maxa being a photographer…

photo13_13k.jpg                                                                                                           Alex. Stoned would be the right word to describe that moment. Trix.


photo14_14.jpg                                                                                                           Catarina waiting for the metro. More contrast please!! (Trix again)

photo26_268.jpg                                                                                                              Ok, I remember this day. Taken this summer in Evora. She told me her name but I can’t remenber right now. We also had an interesting conversation or not. 

Me: “Where is your daddy?” She:”No”

Me:”You don’t know where’s your daddy? How old are you?” She:”No, the car the car”

Me:”Yes, is a car” She: “No”

Me:”Can you say another word besides NO?” She:”No”.                                                                                                        Interesting han?


And tha’s all for today. Ciao

P.S: fuck wordpress, i had to upload this all again!! 😡                                                                 



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