September 16, 2007


Oh well Barbaro and Vicente came to porto for a few days. Photos from last night:

Barbaro. All this photos were taken with his nikon. I turned to the dark side for a night. 😛

Ya.. Poker time. I win in the first round 🙂 and was the first time i was playing it.

Alex. After the Poker we went to Saloon (bar) to meet with other friends. He was so stoned… we were all picking on him because of his eyes. 😛

Sofia and Sabina. 🙂

My sis… and yes, i was right when i said that in the end of this week i would be saying that i want her to go back to south

Guida 🙂


Sabina 😛


That’s all for today.


2 Responses to “Riquiquiu”

  1. Rebequinha said

    Riquiquiu? HUMM

    Oooh, não fales assim da tua irmã! Ela gosta tanto tanto de tiii! ^^

    Ai, que crime… trocar uma canon por uma nikon… tss tss

  2. L. Romudas said

    Riquiquiu e chekábeke foram as duas expressões mais ouvidas durante a última semana. Bela noite de Poker e bela estadia no Porto… A repetir, sem dúvida. Foi pena o primo Alex ter-se apagado debaixo daquela pedrada que transportava:)Boas fotos, sim senhora. Afinal o dark side isn’t so bad at all, is it?:p

    Sweet kiss

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