My sis is back!

September 12, 2007

Yap…My sister is back! She passed the all summer in Arraiolos, probably saw her 3 times in the last three months. Although we give to appear that we don’t get well, we count with each other a lot. Still i think that in the end of this week I’ll be saying that i want her to go back to Arraiolos (her humor can be very annoying) . 😛 However she’s my sis.. and i miss her.

Oh well.. photos (click on the photos to enlarge) :

Happy face! 😀 . That’s pretty rare on my sis.


She’s always very sweet to me 😛




Tatararaaaaaaa… and for last, here we’ve a beautiful photo of Cris:

I’ve more ten seconds of life… sew you in my funeral. 😛

When i first star this blog she asked me for a post. So here you’ve

That’s all for now


One Response to “My sis is back!”

  1. Rebequinha said

    Cris, Cris… she’s always pretty in the pictures. And always in such a good mood ^^

    Didn’t hear about your blog before… I liked it a lot! 8D


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