Start wearing purple…

August 20, 2007

Long time since the last post, just came from the summer festival Paredes de Coura some days ago and it was fucking awesome… it was not raining all the time as last year. I’ll show some photos of the festival as soon as i get all the photographs i took ( i want my photosss :P).

Anyway, here you have some photos from these last days:

This is Diana (and don’t say it with a Portuguese pronounce. She’s Amerian) that was her last night in Porto so we took her to Ribeira… and we all got drunk 🙂

Not the first one! (Ivo, Filipa, Cris, Alex, Me, Guida and Pedro… ahaha we can see Pala and Copo’s hand) Diana took the photo.

Weird faces…right after the last one.

My sis getting drunk 😛

Cheese 😀

We burned the table… ahahah

Diana agian.. licking Pala’s beer 😛

We changed to another bar… but we kept drinking Kalash’s

And the miracle happened… Ivo got drunk

Next photos are from a complete different night:

Wraygunn… This guy is great, he knows how to party 😛

After the concert we were arguing if she was or not a hot girl. IS SHE HOT??

The red dress girl.. everybody got an eye on her.

Ya… people got wet, why? well the vocalist has said to us to up the bridge but were so many people on the bridge that it fall down.


Copo and Filipa. Not in the same night of warygunn, this is from a dinner at Rui’s place. Btw the dinner was great, Mexican food.. really good.

Ivo and his stuff 😛


Ivo.. and the girl I’ve no idea who she is 😛

Bah i HATE to see this photos in this computer… anyway that’s all for know

(Barbaro agora podes ver uma rapariga bonita quando abres a pagina :P)


2 Responses to “Start wearing purple…”

  1. L. Romudas said

    Sim, foi isso que eu pensei! But you can write in english… I understand a few little fucking words:) A última foto também não está mal… aliás, nenhuma está. tirando a da Cris, por razões óbvias, ou como se diz no Algarve, for obvious reasons:p

    Kiss kiss

  2. cris said

    daniela vou t matar.

    tnh dito.

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