“Ao menos morreu!”

March 20, 2008

The Moors Alferes, Morais and João stayed at my place for a couple of days.
So photos from the last days:

João. 🙂

True lobe! ^^

Morais and João!

My sis and Morais acting like a cute couple 😛

Taking random photos from a coffee’s window.

Dinner at Sr.Ferreira:

Rui, Alex and Sérgio. Photo by Morais!

Ivo and me. Photo by Morais.

João and Zé. Once again Morais took this one 😛


Me, Cris and João.. i guess.


Me, Morais took this one too

Pala and Alferes 🙂

Alex, Saloon!


Morais, again!


My sis… errmm i’m telling her to stop smoking but i don’t think she’s listening to me

My sis and Morais

Copo’s new car!! 😀

Me, Morais and Cris.

On the way home!



March 9, 2008

It’s weird but i can’t leave S.Bento without have a nice conversation with an old man. They come to talk with me from nowhere… Today an old man wanted to show me a painting. “É o mais bonito…. e ninguem repara!”

March 3, 2008

Photos from a paintball game i went to photograph some weeks ago. 250 people (i guess), 3 teams… Humans, Aliens and  Predators.

Human team!

A Human…

Humam Zézé…

Human Pala…

Human Sérgio…

A Predator.


The other photographer…

He took those 3:


Last sunday:

Sofia and Pala




Ivo again.


February 17, 2008

Bla bla bla…

The following photos are from the last week of December, I’m not happy with the results .. but oh well lets start.. oh and click on the photos to enlarge:

I was waiting for Barbaro at S.Bento train station when this old man came talk to me. We talked about Porto and specially about photography.. when he was leaving he asked me if we could leave with to kisses of mine. “two goodbye kisses for a photograph”… deal. 🙂

After that nice episode Barbaro show up. =)

Barbaro again. Taken in a different day from the one above. We went to see world press photo exhibition.

Monica 🙂

Monica at Rota do Chá.


Joana with strange glasses. 😛

Arraiolos 🙂 :

Morais. ^^


Yap he isn’t focused . But is funny anyway 😛

At Arraiolos’s castle. “Sunset in their music”


Alex. ^^

That’s all for today 🙂

Color balons on my bunk bed

February 8, 2008

The Fear you won’t fall – Joshua Radin

Let go – Frou Frou

Those two songs had been in my head during the all week. Oh well…

Anyway lets move on.. last Friday it was FBAUP carnival Party (click on the photos to enlarge):

My sis and me 🙂

Tomás at Fbaup.

I like this one a lot! 😉

A pirate, a Mime, a Queen and a Cat…

Random girl.. she looked at me at the exact moment trying to find out where the flash was coming from 😛

That’s me…

Rocky!! When Rocky’s music started playing (eyes of the tiger) people formed a circle around this two…. She won, but only because he let her win. 😛

Tiago and’t know the girl’s name. But i think i saw her once at SuperPiso. (she’s your friend Piruh.. am i right? 🙂

Kitty Kitty… =)

A pirate. a Mime and a Queen leaving the party. I arrived home ate 7:30 a.m. Me and Rita were supposed to met Alex at 15h to enjoy a four hours and a half trip to Noudar (near Barrancos).

The day after… Rita and Alex. While we were waiting for our lift we went to a coffee. Our table was the most beautiful one.. full of sugar. I will not show our table photo or no one will take me to a pastry shop again 😛

Strange woman outside the pastry shop.

Self portrait at a service station 😛

After a long trip we were finally in Noudar (we left at 6p.m and arrived at 1a.m). Guess Rita arrived hungry.

Rita reading witch 😛



“For relaxing times, make it santori times” we couldn’t remenber all the quote, just the second part “make it santori times”. Alex spent all the weekend drinking whiskey 😛

Gui is sleeping on the couch. He was acting like a kid. He didn’t wanted to go to bed unless we went too. 😛

Gui and Maxa 🙂

He didn’t like my camera sound..

They played… (Alex and Pedro)

We danced.. (Rita and Me)

That’s me!! 🙂 Rita’s draw.

Miguel.. I forgot her first name Maria or Ana i don’t know. Anyway she was in Noudar with us… she’s 14 or 15 and came talk with me about my piercing. She’s nice.

Me and Alex… He put color balons on my bunk bed when i was crying.

The nex day we went to visit Noudar castle.


Guess that’s me.


Me and the beautiful tree.

They are all very pretties. 😛

Alex… few minutes before we leave to Arraiolos.

Arraiolos new aninal. We gave him a name… Mafarrico. He’s so cute. The female’s called brelhuquinha 😛 ahaha

Carnival in Arraiolos.

Rita was not happy at all. 😛 She was dress of night 😛

Sara. 😛


Guess my camera scared her 😛

Alex.. Rita on the back =)

My photo session with the stolen hat 😛

Alex… puff. (Todo brelhuquinho 😛 private)

Barbaro 🙂

Morais 🙂

Rita, Barbaro, Morais and you can’t see Alex since he was moving fast to make the blue rectangle. Rita need to go back to the school. 😛 She don’t know how to do “Ss” that was the second time she tried 😛

Omg i’m on fire! 😛 Barbaro took this one, i the girl on fire.

Me and Alex. Once again Barbaro took this one.

And that’s all. 🙂

Firenze (and Pisa.)

January 21, 2008

I spend the last four days in Italy. I caught the fly back to Porto this morning =(.
Si, it were only four days but it was fucking great anyway.
When i arrived to Florence i had no hotel to sleep but we had no difficult in find one… oh and Italian is more difficult than i thought, they speak very fast!!

Anyway let’s start with the photographs (click on the photos to enlarge):

Firenze (Florence) the other side of Arno River.

Everyone has a bicycle in Italy, or at least almost everyone. They are everywhere, never saw so many bicycles on my life. 🙂

The food is great, really great. First pizza at Firenze, in fact it was the first and only one, i prefer the pastas. =)

My sis and a coffee spoon.

Ponte vecchio! (Vecchio bridge)

Oh … zé olha o teu nome femenino ali. =P Tmb vi um rapaz chamado Fiorentino.

Morais… “sou ou nao sou? han? han?” *scusa, non ho resistito* 😛

In front of the cattedrale di santa maria del fiore.

Piazza San Giovanni

(Palazzo Vecchio) This guy gave me a moment in Firenze. =) I was taking him some photographs and in the end i went to give him some money, when i was leaving he call me with a hand gest, i came closer and he grabbed my hand and put me on his left side, he became a statue again but this time grabbing my hand like a Principe.

Everybody was taking photographs of us, less my sister (she was laughing in the middle of the crowed). So i have no photos from that moment. Bah


Street market. There were also black guys selling on the streets but every time the police was coming they grab their things and started running along the streets and screaming “Polizie polizieee”

Hi stranger!! (he’s cute…)

Hi me! 😛


Garden (Piazza della indipendenza)

Piazza Pitti

Street artists.

Somewhere in Firenze (Florence)

Train! *Cliché* 😛


At a church’s door in Pisa.



Torre pendente for the Italians. (Torre Pisa; Pisa tower)

Via di Roma..

” Si prega di non sedere qui. Grazie ”

Last night in Italy!

And that’s all for now. Ciao*


November 29, 2007

Quero o livro Sapatos de Rebuçado no natal. Tá dito! 😀

So… new blog post!

Not in the mood to write. 😡 Superia 400 for a change…

caro.jpg Carö. (German)

rita.jpg Rita, making a fish face… i guess ;P

Sofia (Auralis).


carlos.jpg Carlos.

shoes.jpg Cliché? Maybe… So what? I like it! (Rita‘s Shoes… last saturday at ESMAE).

And that’s it. Short I know…

Under cold blue Stars

November 13, 2007

Some time passed since my last blog entry i know…

Finally, after some long long time, I spend half of my weekend developing rolls and when I say long long time I mean years!!

 sold me his developing stuffs since his moving to Italy on Frinday :x.

Oh well it’s time for an interesting and exciting blog entry (or not :P). Click on the photos to enlargee!!

photo13_13.jpg                                                                                                               Joana. Trying to ignore my camera.

photo23_23.jpg                                                                                                                                               Dré. Maxa’s boyfriend…

photo22_22.jpg                                                                                                            Maxa. Don’t remenber what she was looking at… probably Dré! 😛

photo36_36.jpg                                                                                                                         Joana. Very very happy.

photo25_25.jpg                                                                                                           Monica. Always worried with something… Her biology test this time. (Glad I’ve psychology instead biology).

photo20_20.jpg                                                                                                               Joana.

photo34_34.jpg                                                                                                               Maxa being a photographer…

photo13_13k.jpg                                                                                                           Alex. Stoned would be the right word to describe that moment. Trix.


photo14_14.jpg                                                                                                           Catarina waiting for the metro. More contrast please!! (Trix again)

photo26_268.jpg                                                                                                              Ok, I remember this day. Taken this summer in Evora. She told me her name but I can’t remenber right now. We also had an interesting conversation or not. 

Me: “Where is your daddy?” She:”No”

Me:”You don’t know where’s your daddy? How old are you?” She:”No, the car the car”

Me:”Yes, is a car” She: “No”

Me:”Can you say another word besides NO?” She:”No”.                                                                                                        Interesting han?


And tha’s all for today. Ciao

P.S: fuck wordpress, i had to upload this all again!! 😡                                                                 


October 6, 2007

Two days ago i went to photograph a party. When i went there the gates or closed, the securities didn’t let no one in… except us (the people that organized the party or the photographer of course =P). Is difficult to understand how can more than 500 people be in such a small place.

About the photographs? the light was terrible, that place looked like a mini disco!Oh well let’s start.. click on the photos to enlarge!

Before the party start:

I think her name is Maura…


Mia and Rui… “I met you today and i already hate you.. you saw Morrissey and Bloc Party and i don’t” yyeaahhh 🙂 Rui was really pissed of with me 😛

Filipa and Me

Let’s the Party begin










“you’re pointing the camera to me, right? i’m so cute” Not in my point of view =P

Found Moutinho (the second guy in the front) don’t know the others



Ines and… I forgot her name. (Met Ines on that day, she saw me during the festival Paredes de Coura and we start talking little bit about it… by the way .. she’s a friend of Tete =P )

Miguel.. end of the party. cleaning up all that mess.


That all for to day.. gotta go!!

P.s: Fuck wordpress… i had to write all from the beginning.